My Name is Kristin.

Some of you may have heard my recent appearance on the Whole Life Challenge podcast. If you were able to wade through the blabbering that I can sometimes do when it comes to talking about this food stuff, you may have heard a tiny snippet of something possibly surprising there in the jungle of chatter. […]

Sneaky Meatballs

This post went out to my email subscribers a week or so ago as part of the weekly meal plan. If you’re not on that train yet, you can jump on here! I’m going to be sending next weeks plan out tomorrow night (and I’ll even include the Valentine’s Day Round Up again for good […]

Slow Cooker Brisket

We’re three weeks in the Whole Life Challenge and my perfect game is on a ‘so far so good’ upward slope! I’ve used an indulgence point on bacon, I have yet to use a rest day, I’ve written my reflections and done the lifestyle challenges daily. There was a day or two where I almost […]

Classic Chicken Soup

There are a lot of basic things that I never seem to have gotten around to posting here. Basic, basic, foundational shit. Like why butter is so amazing and why you should eat it all the time. Although to be fair, that would take me a week to write…which is why I’ve probably never¬†done it. […]

The Perfect Game

I’ve done a lot of Whole Life Challenges. Every single one since it was first opened up to affiliates outside of CFLA back in (I think) 2012. As I’ve mentioned before, it started a chain of events that eventually led me to where I am today, not only living a whole-foods, health-focused lifestyle, but actively […]

Paleo Mayo

Hello there, friends! It’s time for a new mayo recipe. Why? Well, as much as I love olive oil mayo, the peppery flavor of EVOO can be a little overpowering for some. So, what to do when we need a mildly flavored oil, that’s not crap? Enter the avocado. I love everything about avocado. I […]

Classic Beef Stew

I take a lot of things into account when planning my meals for the week. My schedule, my workouts, my budget, the weather. Yes, the weather. Is that weird? I like to see if there’s a snow storm, or rain, or a cold day on the way. Why? Because I really like to have a […]