The Perfect Game

I’ve done a lot of Whole Life Challenges. Every single one since it was first opened up to affiliates outside of CFLA back in (I think) 2012. As I’ve mentioned before, it started a chain of events that eventually led me to where I am today, not only living a whole-foods, health-focused lifestyle, but actively […]

Paleo Mayo

Hello there, friends! It’s time for a new mayo recipe. Why? Well, as much as I love olive oil mayo, the peppery flavor of EVOO can be a little overpowering for some. So, what to do when we need a mildly flavored oil, that’s not crap? Enter the avocado. I love everything about avocado. I […]

Classic Beef Stew

I take a lot of things into account when planning my meals for the week. My schedule, my workouts, my budget, the weather. Yes, the weather. Is that weird? I like to see if there’s a snow storm, or rain, or a cold day on the way. Why? Because I really like to have a […]

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking: Review

It took me longer than I would’ve liked to write this review. Part of me felt like I gushed over it so much on Instagram that you may not even need a longer version of my sticky sweet love song to this book. As time went on, and the holidays approached, I found myself suggesting it as […]

It’s Not Just About Boobs.

Every October, we think pink. For 31 days (or more), we stand up to cancer. We have telethons. We have fundraisers. We see pink products on all of the shelves and pink tape covers football players uniforms and cleats. In the CrossFit world, we hold Barbells for Boobs. Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s an extremely important cause […]

Italian Frittata

I can never spell the word ‘frittata’. Where does the extra ‘t’ go? Frittatta? Fritatta? How many t’s are in this thing?! I always end up googling it to find out which is right. They all look ridiculous to me. However difficult they may be to spell, frittatas are a lazy cooks best friend. You […]

Cacao Cinnamon Flank Steak

I love a good steak. Really. There’s just something about a perfectly cooked slab of beef. I never cooked much steak prior to meating my boyfriend (see what I did there?). Cooking dinner for him all of the time, though, got me very very familiar with the ways of cooking os a nice slab-of-beef. If nothing else, […]

Zuppe di Pesce

Seafood. Ocean critters. Fruit of the sea. What wonders swim and crawl beneath that big blue glassy surface. Ok. Too much? Before we get into the recipe, let’s talk a little bit about fish. Seafood of all kinds: fish, shellfish, mollusks, is an important facet of the diet. I notice that it is also one […]

Bison Chili

Hello friends! It’s been a while! I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to get brick shit cold here in the north east. I think that’s the technical, meteorology term for flipping cold. I’ve been spending so much time cooking out of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking (review coming soon…like, as soon as I sit down […]